Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting this site. Our hope is that the resources here will be a source of strength and comfort.  My prayers are with you in this strange and uncertain time.

In this time of pandemic, we are called to think differently about being church. We do not gather; we stay home to save lives. This is how we are called to love one another and to love our neighbours as ourselves in these singular times. Our doors may be shut. But our hearts and hands remain open. We are here it help, to pray, to listen.

I invite you to join us for Holy Week — walking in real time with Jesus in the last days of his life on earth. We will wave our branches for King Jesus riding a donkey to the city on Palm Sunday,  have our feet washed by this servant king, stay with him in the garden of tears, and gather at the foot of the cross. On Saturday of this week, we huddle in the dark near his tomb to remember that God is with us in the dark and in the light. Our journey leads us on to glorious Easter day when we sing: Christ the Lord is risen today!  Alleluia!

We need this journey more than ever this year, because this week teaches us how to hold onto hope in the dark. Now, more than ever, I want my feet to know this way; my heart to trust that the way of the cross is the way that leads to life.

I encourage you to take this walk with us. There are resources for you to worship and pray in private devotion, and short services for a household here courtesy of the good people at SALT. We will be worshipping every day online. You can connect to those services here.

We look forward to “seeing” you. Until then,

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Susan Spicer

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