Dear beloved friends,

As I write this, the numbers of covid cases are at an all time high in our province, and our medical professionals are calling urgently for stricter measures. We mourn the tragedy that unfolds behind the numbers — the suffering of the sick and deaths that have affected so many. We pray for all those who continue to risk their lives for the sake of others and who have to make tough decisions.

Our parish has been touched in myriad ways by the pandemic. People have lost jobs, managed at home learning with children, fallen sick, lost loved ones, and been prevented from being with their families in crisis. This week we have been praying for St. Vincent, so devastated by the recent volcano in the midst of the pandemic. I know that the love and care you offer to one another is profoundly sustaining in such circumstances.

If you are having a difficult time, please be in touch. Our clergy, staff and others are here to provide material, emotional and spiritual support.

I am also grateful that we can be outside as Spring begins to brighten our world. And… we are looking forward to launching community gardening project in the parish. Of course, this will depend on the restrictions that are necessary with respect to the pandemic; rest assured that we won’t undertake this project unless it is safe to do so.

I encourage you to observe Earth Day by taking a walk or planting some seeds – or better yet, attend the Zoom meeting and get involved in the garden project! Here is a resource from the Bishop’s Committee on Creation Care from our Diocese to help you imagine our garden! 

It won’t be long before the soil warms, ready to receive the seeds of new life.! And we will be reminded once again, that God is always with us, planting seeds of hope and renewal in our hearts and lives. See you Sunday!

In Christ’s eternal love,

Rev. Susan Spicer

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