The fully-licensed daycare at St. George’s is run as a non-profit corporation (St. George’s School and Daycare Inc.) initially set up by Rev. James Blackmore in 1997. When the Worship Centre was built in the early 2000’s the lower level was purpose-built to house the daycare centre. Over the last 20+ years, we have evolved into an excellent daycare that has met the needs of well over one hundred children per year. A four-person board provides guidance and oversight of the daycare and it is inspected annually by the Ministry of Education.

Day-to-day management is provided by Edukids, an organization that runs over twenty other daycare centres. Edukids has been running this daycare for many years with excellent results. We believe we can leverage their expertise and economies of scale to a level that we would not be able to do running on an individual organization basis. 

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Infant (0 – 18 months old)

We focus on the child as an individual and work specifically with each child to enhance their development. We offer a scheduled day based on a routine that best supports both the parents and infant to meets all of their needs. We offer a specific infant snack and lunch menu that is both nutritious and age appropriate. The staff take great pride in the daycare’s youngest members and enjoy supporting each of the many milestones they will accomplish at this developmental age. Individual program plans are created for each child to help create goals and challenge their skill building. The registered early childhood educators do their best to create exciting and fun theme based programming including activities such as art and crafts, outdoor play, walks in the community in our large stroller sets, and lots and lots of sensory play! The rooms are bright, open and colourful, full of songs, stories and lots of laughs. Daily reports home to the parents give insight into the exciting day the child has had and highlights individual achievements!

Toddler (18 months – 2.5 years old)

Our most curious bunch of children. This developmental age is full of questions about understanding the world around them! The classroom programming is developed in a way that encourages children to learn through play, while the teachers find exciting themes that engage children in the learning process! Our structured program follows a daily schedule including learning centres such as dramatic play, art and crafts, books and music, building and puzzles, sensory and the ever popular circle time filled with stories, songs, and games that the children thoroughly enjoy being a part of. The programming is completely age appropriate and we work closely with individual children to help them reach milestones in their development and to help build confidence in their abilities to develop self-help skills. The toddler program is a busy one, creating a classroom environment full of life and energy!

Preschool (2.5 – 3.5 years old)

The preschool program is designed by our registered early childhood educators to create a learning environment that fosters exploration and learning through play. The room is divided into centres which allow children to have choice in their day and find exciting new activities to build on their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our daycare prides itself on creating an environment that brings together themes (that the children help choose each week) and self-guided discovery. Our centres include: dramatic play, sensory, science, creative and art, building and blocks, literacy, numeracy, outdoor play, group discussions and learning circles, and a lot of spontaneous emergent activities based on the children’s direction.

Kindergarten (4 – 5 years old)

Mirroring closely to the neighbouring school boards, the kindergarten curriculum is focused on play based learning in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Children in this age group have the option of coming to the centre on opposite times as ‘big school’ or joining us in our full day program. Specifically we work with these children on reading skills, letter and number recognition, printing, mathematics and science. We use literacy programs that are being utilized in the neighbouring schools so that children can build on their learning at both school and daycare. It sounds like a lot of work, but in actual fact the children enjoy every aspect of their day because the registered early childhood educators make sure that all of the learning objectives are done through play and fun! The kindergarten environment is bright and lively bringing in aspects of games, dance, music, songs and lots of laughs! The children have the opportunity to create their own learning through exploration and discovery both indoors and outside and take advantage of asking lots of questions to better their understanding of their world.

School Age (6 – 12 years old)

Our school age program is geared to provide both before and after school care, as well as providing fun and exciting full-day programming for PA days, summer camp, and both spring and winter breaks.

The before and after school program offers children the opportunity to engage in creative activities after a full day at school. The Registered Early Childhood Educators work diligently to create age appropriate activities and projects geared to the specific interests of each child in the program! The after school program consists of unique learning opportunities such as, creative art activities, cooperative group games, science experiments, outdoor games, hands on learning (ie. baking, large craft projects, building, computer play, etc…) and much more!

The programs that we offer during school breaks and PA days are the days that all the children look forward to the most. We have lots of exciting things going on each day and make a point of bringing in special guests or doing local field trips to keep the children interested and wanting to go to daycare each day. In the past our calendars and programs for these weeks have incorporated special days, events, and visitors that include things like:

  • Theme Days – Pajama day, Wacky Hair Day, Ice Cream Sundae Day, Costume Days, etc.
  • Events & Trips – Family BBQs, Talent Shows, Summer Carnival, etc.
  • Special Visitors – Animal Shows, Zumba Instructors, Musical Performers, Emergency Service Visitors, Magicians, Dance Instructors, etc.

The main objective of our school-age program is to give parents a safe place for their children to be in-between the end of the school day and the end of their work day where the children can have fun, be who they are, and not think that they are being ‘babysat’.

Our centres offer transportation (either walk or bus) to and from the local schools neighbouring the child care centre. Please call the centre directly to see if we can provide this service for your family.

St. George’s is a great choice for you and your child(ren). We run a top rate daycare at middle market rates. If you or your family are in need of our services we encourage you to take the first step and  contact the daycare supervisor by phone at 905.683.0545 or by  email to learn more.

For clients who are eligible for subsidies from the Region of Durham the daycare will work with the Region to ensure appropriate paperwork is in place. No one knows who is under subsidy except for the supervisor and administrative staff.